Sunday, 4 January 2015


This morning Norma joined Wendy and me at ParkRun ... I did the 5kms in 53:41.  We had a quick breakfast after the walk.  

We joined our friends Mitch and Michelle at Monte Casino and had dinner at The Meat Company and then enjoyed the Rocky Horror Picture Show @ The Pieter Toerien Theatre.  We have some really talented actors in South Africa.

 After the show Frank-n-furter came out to take photos with the patrons.
We had coffee at SKOOBS Book Store before picking Mom up at Gold Reef Casino.  

Frustratingly the house alarm went off an hour after we went to bed and then our neighbour's (who are on holiday at the moment) house alarm went off every hour after that and I woke up each time.

This morning I dropped the wall unit from Connor's room off at Wendy and then popped past Noleen to drop off their house keys.  I have got so much to do but NIL energy to do it with ... I brought home a lot of work which is very urgent and I just cannot get myself to open the bag.  I thought I would sit and update my blog so that is at least one thing done.

This is the gorgeous sky this evening ...

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and that the week ahead treats you well.


  1. I remember how scandalous the original show was. If I remember correctly the old censoring authorities banned it.

    1. You are right … It was very scandalous and it was indeed banned.