Sunday, 4 January 2015


Connor has been wanting to make some changes to his bedroom for a long while now.  In the past week the following has happened in his room ....

1.  Room cleared.
2.  Walls prepped for painting.
3.  One wall painted a bold red.

 4.  One wall painted black ... Yep! It doesn't look so great with only one coat!!!!  Once the second coat went on it looked much, much better.

5.  Delivered old wall unit to Wendy.

 6.  Father and Son project ... Building a wall unit (you can see how good the black wall looks behind the shelves.

It is nearly finished ... need to add some shelves and some doors for the bottom of the unit.  Absolutely beautiful work by my hunny!!!!  He is sooooo talented.

Now comes the big job of sorting out how Connor is going to pack his books into the shelves.

Connor's bearded dragon got a Christmas present as well ... A new and much bigger house which looks so smart in the new wall unit.


  1. Connor must be so happy with his new digs. Very grown up.

    1. It is looking better by the hour. They are busy finishing off the book shelves and then we can start organising the mounds of books … Then hopefully my house can come back to normal!