Saturday, 8 November 2014

SUMMER HOLIDAY comes to an end

7 NOVEMBER ... We had one last walk along the promenade this morning before finalising our packing.  Thankfully the day dawned grey ~ it is the worst thing when your last day is spectacular and you can't take advantage of it!!!

My boy always looks particularly sad when he has to leave the beach

 We were in the car at 08h30 and on the road.  We stopped at Harrismith and decided on Simply Delicious for lunch ... My hunny had a toasted chicken mayo (they only serve brown and low GI bread), Connor had a muffin and I had a beef and mushroom pie ... which was simply delicious!!!!  They serve their tea in beautiful Maxwell Williams cups ...

 We had an uneventful trip and arrived home around 3:30.  We all feel well rested and ready to face the world again.


  1. It looks like such a lovely place-the beach, the bistro and just look at the happy faces on your guys! I laughed at your pithy words about the day dawning grey! That is so true and often seems to happen. I live on the east coast of the island which is sheltered by the mainland so our beaches are mild temepered places. The west coast has a rugged beauty and the great wide Pacific Ocean and when I was married and my son was younger we camped there every summer. It is quite prone to rain there year round and it never failed that our two or three days camping would be wet and the day we packed up to leave would be beautifully sunny.

    1. Hey Shawna, Our coastline is gorgeous ... I am just happy that we were there when it was not silly season ... In a month's time the whole of the coast will be hectic!

      Our very first camping trip when Connor was also very young was rain soaked ... we packed up on the Sunday morning and went into the nearest town for a dry breakfast.

  2. So very happy that you got to spend some time at the beach (my happy you know). Thank you dearest Lynn for always leaving love on my blog...even when I am a bad blogger that have no time to do the same. It is much appreciated xx

  3. Glad you guys enjoyed the much needed rest and relaxation Lynnie!