Sunday, 23 November 2014

A quick roundup ...

MONDAY 17 November ... It is 04h30 in the morning and I am sitting at my computer doing a quick roundup ... Our house alarm went off twice ~ the second time an hour ago and I couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I would quickly do this post which I wanted to do last night.

Today is the official end of my 2 weeks leave and in an hour or so I will be on my way to the office.

This last week has sped past with a lot of activity ... although I feel like I haven't gotten everything done and I am definitely not ready to go back to work.  Here is what I have been up to ...
Saturday 8th ... I went to Rietvlei to do the ParkRun but couldn't find parking so I popped past Wendy for a cuppa coffee and then rushed home to clean/sort one of our zozo's (shed) and did some serious shredding ... This was the first lot that went to the paper bank at the retirement village down the road.

I also made a donation to a shelter in our area ~ FlyLady advises to always  get the items out of your home as soon as possible otherwise they have a habit of making their way back to where they came from!!!

Thankfully Marian sent out a reminder about the kids concert this morning as it had slipped my mind so I quickly got myself cleaned up and went through to the venue ... I am so delighted that I did as it was absolutely precious.  Evan decided not to participate at all however he remained on stage throughout the section he was in.

Madison was a star in her two acts and I was privileged to get this photo with her in her ballet costume.

 Little Miss Lua started walking on Saturday morning.  Here she is with her Mommy dressed in her African regalia ~ Marian was the official ticket lady at the concert.  I joined them at their house afterwards for tea and cake.
While on holiday our swimming pool pump gave up the ghost so my hunny replaced it on Sunday.

Tuesday 11th ... I went back to gym today and had a wonderful workout ... Walked on the treadmill / back extensions / leg work / cycled.  Wendy joined me for a cuppa coffee before I went to WestPack and then on to the hairdresser.

Wednesday 12th ... I met my friend Michelle for breakfast and then popped past Marian's office and had a quick coffee with her and then went to the gym.  

We had Sisters Dinner tonight as Norma has a Christmas party at work tomorrow evening.  We went to our favourite Rossi's where it was 2 pizzas for the price of one so it was VERY busy.  We had a wonderful evening catching up.

Thursday 13th ... Connor's ride to college was sick so I took the boys through ... OMGoodness!!!! the traffic was horrendous.  We stopped off at Wimpy at Brightwater Common for a quick breakfast.

I was having lunch with Roz at The Contessa Tea House in Rivonia so I didn't want to drive all the way home so I filled up the time looking for my 2015 To Do book for work.  I eventually went through to the restaurant early and did some work on my laptop.  Rozzie joined me and we had a wonderful lunch catching up with each others news.
 Our waitress took this lovely photo of us ...
Friday 14th ... Connor's friend Bianca came round this evening and we went to get pizza's and this is the gorgeous sunset we saw!!!

Saturday 15th ... When I left home the weather looked OK and as I drove down Klipriver Road the weather looked like it would be OK at Rietvlei.  I parked and waited until 07h55 when I walked to the start.  As they said "3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Go!!!" it started to pour with rain.  I decided to do the walk and got drenched in the process.  We were going through to Linden to buy material for tablecloths for our Scrapbooking weekend but I had to jump in the shower and defrost first.
My pants were dragging on the floor they were so drenched and muddy.
After buying the material we tried a little coffee shop for a light lunch ... Connor and I had banana and caramel pancakes ... too much banana and not enough caramel but nice anyways.

Sunday 16th ... Wendy had purchased a photo shoot on Groupon so we all congregated at Norma's house where our (Norma, Wendy & me) hairdresser Kirsten did our hair and make-up.  She took these cute photos before we left.
We had a wonderful time at the photo shoot (I will share the photos when we get them) and stopped off at The Hobart Grove Centre in Bryanston for a quick lunch ... we decided on the Bean Tree which is part of The SuperSpar in the centre ... what an amazing choice.  We had the most amazing sandwiches and cuppaccino's.

That was a wonderful way to end off my leave.

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