Saturday, 4 October 2014


When I woke up this morning at 04h00 all I could say was "Thank Goodness It's Friday!!!".  It has been a long, hard, busy week for me and I am happy it is coming to an end.  I got up and got ready and left the house at 05h00.  I took a photo of my dashboard when I reversed out the driveway ...

In the basement at work
I was at my desk at 05h25 and worked on some urgent items before I left at 06h35 to go to Rosebank to do an interview ~ The interview was amazing!!! so that really made my day.  Back to the office and worked like a trojan ~ missed a message from my boss which said I could leave at 12 and then she called at 14h30 to ask if I had gone home and was surprised to find me at the office.  I left at my usual 15h00 and had coffee with Connor at The Glen. 

Today is my friend Marina's birthday and I sent her a message this morning as she is on leave and I was sure she was not going to be up bright and early.  

She had asked me to make 30 notecards for her daughter's Bridal Shower but had not given me a date so (thankfully I thought about it) I sent her a message while I was at The Glen asking asking when she had wanted the cards for ... the answer = "Tomorrow".

OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So not wanting to let her down I sprang into action ... Went to CNA, got paper, rushed home and got started ... Printed the cards, cut them out, punched hearts, stamped, double sided tape, ribbon, embellishment, assembled ... and at 20h30 I was finished so I called her and asked if I could deliver them tonight ... We drove through to her (on the other side of town) and had a wonderful time chatting to her, her hubby and daughter.

This is the finished item ...

Although a bit stressful it was a wonderful, creative end to the week.  I just finished watching a programme with my hunny (about a young Inspector Morse) and now we are going to fall into bed.  Sleep tight y'all!!!!


  1. Love the cards.

    1. Thanks Jx. I was shocked that I could make 30 of them in such a short space of time ... I guess nothing like an urgent deadline to get you moving at the speed of light!!!