Sunday, 5 October 2014

Week-end Round-up!

Amazingly we are hurtling towards the end of yet another weekend!!!  A photographic synopsis of the weekend ...

On Saturday morning Wendy and I did the ParkRun (walk for us) and although I had cramps in both my legs we finished in
I spotted this little cutie during the walk ... At least at this age it is acceptable to photograph a girl from behind!!!

Connor had breakfast and waited for us at the coffee shop (we had a hair appointment just down the road after the walk) and at 08h50 he ordered Wendy and me a cappuccino however we got hot chocolate ~ which was really great.

Feeling good after a great walk.

Interesting 'art work' on the wall in the entrance of the hairdresser.  

After Connor had his hair washed I took this photo of him ...

This is a very interesting way of show casing your photos ...
and in the background you can see Brendon cutting Connor's hair.  Connor is wanting to grow his hair so Brendon shaped and thinned his hair out a bit ... It looks wonderfully healthy and now a 'bed head' style is easier to create!

This morning Connor and Richard went out on their motorbikes and I followed them with the trailer in case Connor's hand or shoulder were too tired to ride back home ~ If I hadn't take the trailer with he would have had a problem but thankfully he was able to ride there and back home.

We went to the Circus Cafe again and had a lovely morning ... except of course having to try and keep Connor off his phone!!!

My beautiful boys!

My hunny and me!

When I was walking back to the car I stopped and had a chat with this gorgeous creature ...
Wendy is selling a beautiful range of jewellery by Fifth Avenue which is made with Swarovski crystals and she had a showing of the jewellery at her house this afternoon ~ I did some birthday shopping and also ordered my own birthday gift (that's right ... my birthday is in January and before we know it it will be here!!!).  We had a lovely afternoon filled with delicious snacks and lots of laughter.
I had to take a photo of my 4 bridesmaids, this is probably the first time since my wedding that they have all been in the same room at the same time  ...
Noleen, Norma, Jacqui and Wendy ~ 5 October 2014
They all looked super cute at my wedding in bright yellow dresses ~ and yes, that was in fashion 27 years ago!!!
Wendy, Noleen, Norma and Jacqui ~ 27 June 1987

Just before I left Wendy's house I took a photo of the sunset ... gorgeous!!!
After dinner I watched some TV with my hunny and after doing this post I am going to drop into bed ... got a rather busy week ahead and I want to wake up refreshed.

Hope you all had a stunning weekend and I wish you a productive week ahead.