Saturday, 18 October 2014

ParkRun and Girls Lunch

This morning I was up and about early enough but then got stuck at the computer and you know the story ... let me just look at this quickly, I'll just make a quick comment here!!! The next thing I was rushing to meet Wendy at ParkRun!!! I got there just as they said "Go!!!!"  I didn't even have time to take my camera out the car!!!! We enjoyed the walk and my e-mail later in the day read ...

Your time was 00:54:42
We had a lovely cuppaccino afterwards and relaxed for a few minutes ~ Thankfully that took care of the traffic getting out of Rietvlei.

I got home and showered and got myself ready for my journey to Krugersdorp where I was meeting my friend Sam and the girls for lunch at

 The girls ... MIchelle, Janine, Maria, Janine, Sam and me
We had a wonderful afternoon filled with stunning company and really great food ... I had a Strawberry Salad and Tramezzini Combo ... The salad = salad leaves, strawberries (tinned and fresh), toasted almonds and haloumi cheese ... OMWord!!!!! I could eat this salad every day!!!
 And then we decided that dessert and coffee was necessary ... I had lemon meringue.
Maria (beautiful inside and out) had chocolate cake ...
 Janine had some decadent puff pastry with cream and custard!!!!!
As a regular reader of my blog I absolutely had to add a photo of the gorgeous Janine.  I am so happy to have met her ... she is an amazing human being!!!! and I can understand why Sam is friends with her.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening quietly at home with my boys.  A perfect day!!!!


  1. Thanks for the compliment Lynnie, you are such a treat! What a wonderful day with nice food, great company and awesome people! We must do this more than once a year :)

  2. I agree - these visits are food for my soul, and i love every minute with you gals!!! Lynn, awesome that you make the trip to join us, and I am so blessed to have you all in my life! Your post is grorgeous xxx