Friday, 17 October 2014

Another week flew past!!!

I cannot believe that this week flew past so fast!!!

Monday was absolutely horrendous ... I spent the afternoon in a business review with my Greater West Rand area and our new Regional Manager (who scares the living bejeezes out of me!!!!) ~ It actually didn't go off too badly but it was stressful non-the-less.  I was at a branch dealing an issue with a staff member when I saw a mail from my boss asking if I had prepared for the session ... this was the first time I had heard that I needed to prepare anything!!!! OMWord!!!!  I got back to the office and did some prep and then couldn't find my file!!!! Eeeeeeek!!!!  Eventually I found it and sent it to my boss who saved it ... although she said I had to present in the session the boss then told her that she had to present ... relief!!!!!!!

The rest of the week is a bit of a blur!!!  On Friday we were invited to a "Fun Day" at the Zoo Lake ... I belong to a team of 4 people ... here I am sitting with my team!!!
 I did have fun catching up with some of my colleagues/friends.  I stayed until 14h30 when I slipped away to beat the traffic.  I met Connor at The Glen and we had a cuppa coffee together.  We spent the evening quietly at home.
 The "Braai Masters" ... Eugene, Hayder and Keith.
 I love Nela's hat ... Need to get myself one for our trip to the beach.
 My friend Linda (Connor's God-Mother) ... I eventually gave her her birthday gift although her birthday was on 21 September!!!! (Better late than never!!!)

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