Sunday, 28 September 2014


Thursday felt like Monday again and then Friday followed ... It always happens when there is a holiday in the middle of the week.

Thursday 25th ... was a VERY pressurized day ~ I was at my desk at 05h45 as there was so much to do.  I had a hearing scheduled for 12h30 and we (the manager and me) had not had a chance to prepare AND when I was working on the evidence I saw that I would have to go into the hearing as a witness and would have to ask one of my colleagues to help out as HR in the hearing.  First to the office was Vuyo who advised that she had other meetings scheduled.  Mary came in next and kindly agreed to help me out as she had a hearing before mine.  I also had a meeting at 08h30, was supposed to go to Rosebank at 09h00, and then the hearing at 12h30 ... Thankfully the trip to Rosebank was cancelled so I popped into the meeting and the Manager then met me at 11h00 and we finished out prep at 12h25 ... I have NEVER cut it this fine before!  After work I picked Connor up from school and spent the evening doing the hearing minutes.

Friday 26th ... Today I got to my desk and was working at 06h15 and I worked hard and fast to get as many items finished ... you know those things that go from the "To Do List" to the "Beyond Urgent List"??  I was exhausted by 15h00 and drove through to The Glen to fetch Connor and do some errands before they moved to the "Beyond Urgent List".

I decided that tonight I was going to design my Scrap Addicts Kit for our December Scrap-a-thon ... didn't want the same thing to happen that happened this month and be working on the kit in the week of our get-together.  All I need to do now is print the picture of the layout ... oh and get three more photos of my subject, but apart from that the packs are all packed.  Here's just a hint of my page ...

Saturday 27th ... I was up early and off to do my 5th Park Run ~ The weather was beautiful and 774 people came out to run/walk.  Wendy has not been feeling well this week so she did not come out and walk.

1st ParkRun
2nd ParkRun
3rd ParkRun
4th ParkRun
5th ParkRun
00:54:17 00:54:44

I am really shocked and happy with my time ~ I looked at my watch and I had been walking for 45 minutes when I got a major cramp in my calf and had to hobble the last 800m to finish.  On my way home I popped in and had coffee with Noleen as I hadn't seen her in at least a week.  I battled the rest of the day with this cramp and even this morning it was still bothering me.

I spent some time in front of the TV ... although I really didn't want to do that but the cramp sapped my energy ... and then after dinner was back at my scrapbook table and decided to design my kit for our March Scrap-a-thon and then with the inspiration flowing I made 7 cards ... Here is one of them ...

Before falling into bed at about 12h30 I checked blogs and facebook.

Sunday 28th ... My hunny went out on his motorbike at 06h00 so I got up and did a bit of work at my scrap table, started this blog post, showered and Connor and I met my hunny at the Circus Cafe for breakfast.

I am off to do some more work at my scrap table and then do some home admin.

I hope you have all had a wonderfully restful weekend and are refreshed and ready to face another week.  

P.S.  It is less than 3 months till Christmas!!!! Start your Christmas shopping early!

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