Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Connor loves Game of Thrones ... he has read the book and watched the TV series and even had the Throne with the little guy (you can see I don't watch it!!!) on his 18th birthday cake, so when Eddie and Samantha both told me that the Throne was going to be at Sandton City I decided that I had to get Connor there.  With today being a holiday in South Africa I slept in a bit and  at 07h40 I hustled Connor out of bed and we were out the house at 08h00, dropped Mom at the casino and drove through to Sandton City.  We got to the line at 09h02 and it was already at least 100 people long.  Three young people joined the line after Connor and they spent the next 1.5 hours chatting.
The line which was 4 people wide

This cute guy was one of the "props"
This is the interesting window dressing in one of the stores ...

We then visited Exclusive Books and on our way out, as we had both not had breakfast and it was nearly lunch time, we stopped at Nando's and had a quick bite to eat.
Not sure if this is the bored "have to spend time with Mom" look
All in all a lovely morning.

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