Sunday, 28 September 2014

General State of Overwhelm

My general state of overwhelm is usually apparent in the state of my scrapbook table ...

Last week I was feeling totally out of control and thoroughly overwhelmed and this is what my scrapbook table looked like ...
As I posted earlier today ... On Friday I worked my tuchus (Yiddish word for butt) off and that state of mind came home with me and having spent quite a bit of time at my scrapbook table this weekend the state of overwhelm has calmed down a bit ... This is what my scrapbook table looks like right now ...

This is a really cute photo of my beautiful son Connor with the two return-tops we ordered and which my friend Leonie brought back from her recent trip to the States saving us postage and import duties.  Thanks Leonie!!!!!  He has only been able to test them out in the last couple of days as his hand, and especially his index finger which he needs to play with his return tops, is only now starting to work again after he dislocated his shoulder two weeks ago.  Nothing like a new return top to spur your muscles into action!!!

I'm off to my scrapbook table to make a couple of cards before dinner.


  1. Wow your tidied table is very impressive! I can definitely relate to the state of overwhelm. I get it regularly and have learned to live with it in many ways. I don't like a mess though, as it gets me anxious. Somehow my ability to make a mess and my ability to tidy the mess are not the same. Oh well. One carries on. I hope Kyle is enjoying the tops more as his finger improves. I have just noticed what prize-winning teeth your Kyle has. LOL well suited to his lovely smile.

    1. Thanks Shawna ... I have managed to keep my table under control this whole week!!! Keeping the overwhelm at bay is a constant battle at the moment!!!

      Thanks ... My boy is gorgeous and his hand is getting stronger every day.