Thursday, 21 August 2014


The "Veggie Tunnel Team" met at 8 at Key West Shopping Centre where the bus was waiting to transport us to Matla Combined School in Kromdraai. 

Joyce Nyirenda who is our Service Champion in Kagiso Mall Branch and who hails from Malawi was decked out in her gorgeous kanga which matched perfectly with her jeans and Nedbank t-shirt.

Unfortunately the piece of ground where we were to erect the tunnel was not level so Nico, Tshifhiwa and Floyd got working on it immediately.

Miss Nthaby, the branch manager at Cradlestone Mall, kept us entertained with her removal of stones from the newly raked ground.  Just love her daffodil gum boots!!!

Soon the kids who were helping us arrived and the fun began.

1. Fill the black bags with river sand ~ This is the hardest work of the day as we had to shovel the sand into wheelbarrows and then into the bags ... fortunately we told the guy from Robin Good that it is better to fill the bags with sand before we build the tunnel.

2. Rewarded with a water break ... How cute do Floyd and Sarah look!!!

3.  Make 3 holes in the sand.
4.  Place 2 spinach seeds in each hole and cover ~This was the first time we used seeds, we have used seedlings in all the other tunnels we have done.
Spinach seeds. 
5.  Place compost on top of the river sand.

6. Take a photo of Floyd taking a selfie and then some photos of the kids

7. Mix the "food" for the spinach made up of 2tsps each of calcium nitrate and filmflex ... This mixture is used to water the spinach twice a day ... Ayanda was a very patient teacher.

8.  Construct and erect the shade cloth tunnel.

My cute friend Sam

Even Diva's add immense value to the project!!!!
Even with her fancy nails Pertunia did every part of the project ... here she is threading steel wire to secure the shade cloth to the frame ... I was very impressed with her.

Sarah and Nthaby (one of my daughters)
Here are the contestants for Miss Cradlestone ... Nthaby, Sarah and Pertunia.

9.  Celebrate the successful erection of a Veggie Tunnel ...

10.  Enjoy a well deserved lunch box.

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