Tuesday, 19 August 2014


This morning I arrived at Cradlestone at around 06h35 I was not able to get into the underground parking entrance that I usually use.  Just as well because when I drove through the top entrance I was just in time to take some photos of the sunrise ...

When I got out of my car I was horrified to find this screw right next to my car ... I gave it to the Branch Manager and asked her to please ask the centre management to clean up the parking lot ... This could have spelled disaster for someone's tyre.

My Greater West Rand team were meeting at Mugg & Bean at 07h30 to bid farewell to Julian who was the Manager at Kagiso Mall and had decided to resign to focus his attention full time on his studies.  Here is Julia (manager at Carletonville) giving a speech for Julian.

Julia's explanation to Julian regarding the gift was ... "Remember you told me you like to cook? Well this will help you with those dinner parties."

After breakfast we went to the Branch and had our meeting which I had to leave early as I had an appointment at our amazing dentist Dr Karolia.  He is now our whole family's dentist.  I had a meeting at Connor's school and then after dinner I spent the evening at Spur in Northgate drinking hot chocolate and working while Connor skated.

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