Thursday, 21 August 2014


When I got home after the Veggie Tunnel I emptied a lot of sand out of my takkies into the dustbin, ran a lovely hot bath and spent 2 hours relaxing and reading my book ... Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers.  I eventually dragged myself out the bath and got dressed and we drove down to The Glen where we were meeting the family at Galaxy Grill to celebrate Wendy's birthday.  Connor popped into Exclusive Books to collect the book he has been eagerly awaiting the delivery of.

We had a wonderful time with great food and even better company.
The birthday girl and Schatz

My gorgeous sister Noleen and my Swaardie Gordon

Mom and Norma

Gorgeous Liam and my hunny

Wendy's gift from us ... the big tin contained red gloves with a furry collar ... the second tin a tube of Justina hand cream (yes I know she sells it to me ... I just thought I would give her one in case she didn't have any!!! LOL!!!!) and the third tin had money which she can use towards the purchase of the Bulgari perfume that she loves.


  1. It is lovely to see you all together. Wendy is looking so good.

    1. She has really given me inspiration to find that weight loss/exercise wagon and get back on it.