Sunday, 10 August 2014


To celebrate Women's Day I joined my friend Alison at an Artzy Girl's Day run by Retha van der Walt which was held at Hoerskool Randburg.  It was a rather chilly day however we had a wonderful day scrapping up a storm.  

Today was the first time I worked with modelling paste ... I will show you the completed page as soon as I am finished with it.

The first project was one where we were supposed to make flowers ... our response "Hell No!!!" so we carried on with another project and even bought a pack from Retha's shop and got working on that.  When Retha's husband asked me if we were having an off day I told him that as Capricorns Alison and I have "followed the rules" our whole life and have now decided that we will do what we want to do and making flowers is certainly not one of those but that we were having a fun time scrapbooking ... Glad we could clarify that for him!!! LOL!!!

I had to take a photo of Alison "fussy cutting" for a layout ...
And here's a close up!!!

On my way home there was a spectacular sun set and of course getting onto the highway made it impossible to get a good photo ... here are my attempts taken over my shoulder while driving ...

Hope your Saturday was Super Awesome!!!!


  1. What a stunning way to spend Woman's day.

  2. Remind me to tell you about MY Women's Day!!!