Sunday, 3 August 2014


This weekend seems to have sped past at the speed of light!!!!  

Yesterday I spent the day scrapbooking with Alison, Linda and Lynette.  We had a wonderful day at Lynette's home where we celebrated her birthday ~ what better way to spend your birthday?  She made us the most divine vetkoek and mince for lunch followed by waffles, banana, caramel and cream supplied by me.  I spent a quiet evening in front of the TV with my hunny and we had an early night as he had a riding date with a new customer whose bike he has been working on.

This morning I eventually got myself out of bed and my first stop was the computer to download photos to print, then I dragged myself into the shower.  A short while later I got a call from my hunny to say that he was on his way home as the motorbike he took to ride would not start ~ I felt so sorry for him as he was really looking forward to the ride and was highly frustrated!!!!!  Soon after he got home Connor and I were out the door to go to Northgate.  We had a quick breakfast at Mugg & Bean and then Connor was off to the ice rink.  I went and put in my photos for printing and then sat at Spur and ordered a hot chocolate while doing my bills.  Got another call from my hunny saying he was going out for a ride with another customer and a short while later another call to say that his own motorbike was giving problems ... I think there was a reason that he should not have been out on the road today and God was protecting him!  In a flash it seemed it was time to fetch my photos and not long afterwards Connor called to say that he would be ready to leave in 10 minutes ... Did 3.5 hours pass so quickly?? 

On our way home we stopped at Reader's Warehouse @ LifeStyle and Connor got some new books and then we stopped in at Westpack and got dates and almonds ... Connor tried his hand at date & almond balls again and they came out perfectly!!!!  I got to test the first one and it was delicious!!!!

Mix all the ingredients in the liquidiser.
Roll the mixture into small(ish) balls

Roll in dessicated coconut
Place on a tray and refrigerate
And last but certainly not least ... ENJOY!!!!!
After dinner I am going to watch TV while sorting out the photos I had printed and I may even finish off one or two of the photo-less pages I worked on yesterday.

Hope you all had a super-awesome weekend and that the week ahead is Frenetic Free!!!


  1. Glad you had another wonderful weekend with some scrapping in it. Would love to have the recipe for the delish date balls xxx
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Glad you had a wonderful weekend and time to be creative. Hope you have a great week xxx