Sunday, 10 August 2014


Our friend Mitch's BMW.
This morning I woke my hunny at 06h15 as he had arranged a ride with another Richard.  While he was in the shower a message came through on his cell phone so I jumped out of bed to read it and it was this guy giving an excuse of why he couldn't make it (Hmmmm!!!  He had run out of a crucial medication he needs to take every day!).  

So I asked "do you wanna get back into bed? or do you want to go out for breakfast? or do you just wanna hang out at home until you can go into the garage to work?"  "Can't go back to bed because I am already showered" he said (huh!!!???) "so maybe we should go for breakfast."  OK! So the Wimpy (at the Blockhouse is open 24/7) is a bit boring so why don't we go to The Circus Cafe ... Decided!!!  I double check on the internet and it says they open at 8 so we will leave at 07h30.

Thankfully Connor doesn't have a small head! So I used his helmet.
To pass the time I sit down at the computer and decide to check Facebook and in comes my hunny ... "Would you like to go out on the motorbike?" "Sure!" comes tumbling out my mouth.  So I quickly put on my jeans and warm socks and a jacket and off we go ...

We stopped along the road and my hunny showed me how the supports on this bridge, which hold up the R59 highway, are being damaged by water running in the wrong place (he amazes me!!!).  On the other side of this bridge is where they baptise people (and this water is dirty!!! yuck!!!)

My delicious french toast with crispy bacon

When we rode home the wind was blowing quite hard so I felt like I was holding on for dear life!  One of the nice parts of having Connor's helmet on is that there is a speaker system between the two helmets so we could chat the whole way.

Thanks hunny ... That was a wonderful morning!!!


  1. Very adventurous...reminds me a bit of the motorcycle rides I went on with K until I was 7 months pregnant with my my MIL's horror xxx

  2. I didn't think I could respect you more, but now I do! Kudos for your sense of adventure and companionship. I know the pleasures of what you describe very well.

  3. You daredevil you!!! It's many years since I used to ride pillion with my children's father but I'll always remember the thrill! Not much compares!