Sunday, 17 August 2014

Forever Young @ Rivonia Barnyard

Nedbank's Group Forensics Department held a charity event in aid of Ry-Ma-In at the Rivonia Barnyard Theatre tonight.  My friend Debbie Fairhurst's husband Justin works in the department and she asked if we would be interested in attending. We have been to a few of the shows at the Barnyard and are always impressed so we jumped at the opportunity of supporting this charity.

Connor was invited to his friend Dylan's birthday party so we took the opportunity to have a date-night ~ We started out at Luca's Pizzaria for a relaxed dinner before the show ~ my hunny had veal and I had pasta.

We then ambled across the parking to the Barnyard and were absolutely blown away by the show.

Some photos to share ...
"Ozzy Osborne" was our MC.  He even got a call from Sharon during the show.
"Patsy Cline" ~ This girl sings like an angel

"Richie Valens" who reminded me of my friend Myron da Gama who will also be Forever Young.
Chris Clarke ... a very talented guitarist
"James Brown" ...
 I made my hunny laugh out loud when this guy came on as James Brown and he leaned over and said "Know who this is?" and my response was "Tina Turner!"
"Michael Mutchence of INXS, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson with Freddy Mercury"
Took a sweet long arm photo of my hunny and me.
 The cast of this show is super talented ... if you get a chance go and see it.


  1. Hey Lynnie, I've always loved every show I've ever seen at the Barnyards & would love to go any time you need a wall-flower!!!

  2. I love the selfie you took of you & your hunk - gorgeous couple!!!

  3. I love the selfie you took of you & your hunk - gorgeous couple!!!