Saturday, 16 August 2014

Rheinicke Brunch

I was up early this morning and out the door at 8 to go to the Dermatologist to check out the growth on my eyelid ... fortunately it is just a wart and he burnt it with liquid nitrogen (ouch!!!).  So hopefully in a few days it will fall off (now this is a good excuse as to why I have no make-up on in the photos I will share and I look like I am sick ... but I am not!)

I haven't seen my friend Marian in what seems like forever so we arranged to meet this morning ... we were going to go to the kid friendly Papachino's but the weather was horrid so we decided to meet at the Woolies Cafe at Clearwater Mall ~ not so kid friendly!!!

Connor and I got there a bit early and of course not having had breakfast he was STARVING so he ordered a Chai Latte and a chocolate muffin.

Marian and the kids arrived and before we even got to order coffee I handed out birthday gifts to Evan, Lua and Marian.  We ordered coffee and M & I decided to share a Yoghurt Pot and a pasta dish.  We had a lot of fun catching up.
Is it obvious that Evan doesn't like having his photo taken?

Lua was impressed with her doll until she "spoke".  I couldn't believe how much she has grown.
Evan and Madison very busy colouring in ... Evan loved his pencil crayons.
Marian and I were wearing the scarves she brought back from her Bali trip.
Lua decided that she really liked my coffee 
 Soon enough Evan was bored out of his skull and wanted to go home and was showing signs of being tired so I suggested that he go and sit on the couch with his new Spiderman blanket ... that was a wonderful idea!!!
Connor was happy to join him so he could read his book.  Marian and I sure had a wonderful morning ... not so sure about the kids!!!


  1. Always great to catch up with friends.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Two of my fav people in a room together? Absolutely too much goodness to be contained!!!