Sunday, 17 August 2014


17 August : I picked Connor up at his friend's house at 10h00 and we drove through to Northgate ... he had asked me to bring him a clean pair of pants as Dylan's HUGE dog had slobbered all over him so he did a quick change in the parking lot ... I guess there is a first time for everything.  We had a quick cuppa coffee at Mugg & Bean and then he was off and onto the ice.

I phoned Ali and asked if I could pop round to her as we had to sort out the mess that Nutty M from M&M Scrapbooking Adventures had made of our scrapbooking order ... we had a cuppa coffee and a danish and she said that she wished I could scrapbook with her ... I had slipped my trimmer and click 'n stick into my bag before I left home and of course I had the layout from M&M which I worked on.  We had delicious Pasta Alfredo for lunch (made by Ali). I spent a wonderful 2 hours with her and Princess Ruby curled up on her extra fleecy blanket ... All I can say is "Sunday Afternoon Bliss!!!"


  1. Those unplanned visits are always the best.

    1. They really are and when you can add some scrapbooking and a gorgeous kitty to the mix they are amazing.