Tuesday, 27 May 2014

It's Tuesday already!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! Nearly another week has passed since my last blog post ... and it has been a rather busy week.

22 May 2014 ... This is our second last day in these offices and the sunrise is promising to be amazing ...
 I have LOVED this view from my office window for more than 4 years now.
Our boxes are being collected tomorrow morning so I had better get to it ... This little teddy bear has been around for more years than I can remember ... He sure is going to be on my next desk!!!

 Just for me to remember what it looks like now in case I want to recreate it at my new desk ...
 And now my desk is empty!!!!
 23 May 2014 ... Our last day at our offices in Killarney ... It is so weird to think that I get here on auto pilot, know my phone and fax number off by heart, walk to my desk on auto pilot and LOVE the view from my office window ... And now all of that is going to change!!!

I thought I would take some last sunrise photos ... and there was so much mist outside ...
I was VERY sad to leave behind my precious coffee ladies at the restaurant in our old building ... I had to take a photo of them ... This is Christine on the left and my sweet "Angel Child" a.k.a. Lerato who know just how I like my coffee and even add sweetner to my coffee.  I am going to miss them sooooo badly.
 Back at my desk I saw these two gorgeous pigeons sitting outside ... I love the contrast of colours.
I am going to miss sitting next to a window in our new offices.

Our boss wouldn't let us leave early although we only had our laptops with us so I rushed out the office as always at 3pm and drove through to The Glen to fetch Connor and spent some time with him doing some errands.

We spent a quiet evening at home and I packed for a day of scrapbooking on Saturday.

Saturday 24th May 2014 ... I popped past the new offices on my way to Alison and unpacked my boxes and started organizing my desk.  I had a lovely day of scrapbooking ... filled with amazing company, great food (Alison made us a divine lamb stew a la Matt Preston from Australian Master Chef) and lovely pages.  I will share some of the layouts when I get a chance to take photos of them.  Another quiet evening at home on Saturday.

Sunday 25th May 2014 ... I decided to have one of those looonnnggggg baths and started this book .... which I did not stop reading until I was finished ... it was an absolute page turner ... and so heralded the end of the weekend.

Thankfully on Monday morning I remembered that I needed to go to the new offices and the traffic was not bad so I arrived at 06h15 and got started fine tuning my desk.  By the time the rest of the team got there I was quite organized.

I must admit that I am not enamored with my new offices as it is VERY noisy and there are sooooooo many people on the floor that I feel like I have gotten lost and find myself in a bee hive!  One good thing ... they serve a pretty decent cuppaccino in the pause area which we don't have to pay for.

Today being the second day there I am getting the feel of the place I got a HUGE amount of work done.  I popped past my friend Pam (who painted that gorgeous table cloth for me) this afternoon while waiting for Connor and she is painting a gorgeous tablecloth with the big 5 on it (a guy she used to work with ordered it from her).

And now I am off to have dinner, bake some banana bread and sort out the bills/filing/etc.

Hope you have all had a Terrific Tuesday!!!


  1. Change is always a challenge and we all tend to resist change. I hope you settle in soon and find your happy place again. I have bookmarked the book for reading.

  2. It was great having a peek into your exciting life again. All the best with the new offices, see it this way, a change is as good as a holiday.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  3. Change change change ... I think its a necessary evil in a sense but too resist it.