Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Around here ...

I can't believe that it is nearly a week since my last post ... I have had great intentions each night to sit down and blog but I have been so exhausted this past week that I have not gotten to all the things on that intention list ~ I guess because it is also just in my head and not written down.

The weekend went by in an absolute flash and so has this week ... One good thing was that I got all my 2014 photos printed so I am ready and raring to go for our scrapbook date on Saturday at Ali's house.  Tomorrow I really need to pack up my desk as we move buildings on Friday.

Some highlights this week ...

I ordered a tablecloth from my friend Pam who owns The Bead and Craft Cabin at Tulip Garden Centre in Haddon, Johannesburg and who is VERY talented.  I met Pam about 13 years ago when I joined a fabric painting class which she used to attend with her Mom Hazel ~ Hazie was a really good artist and I have a cloth which she painted for a raffle at the retirement village where she lived.  

Pam let me know that the cloth was ready so I popped past after fetching Connor from Byron's house yesterday afternoon and this is what she gave me ....  
Last night I decided that I really wanted to scrapbook a page (or at least start a page) so I got out a kit that I had bought from The Scissor Sisters and took out my 2014 Mother's Day photos and started the page and finished it up tonight ...  It is a gorgeous page ... 
My highlight today was having a cuppa Mugg & Bean coffee with my friends Eddie and Sam ~ fantastic coffee and even better company.  It was wonderful to catch up with Eddie ... now that I don't look after his area we have to make time in the diary to keep in contact and I miss our regular chats.

Well, that's it from me for tonight.  Hope you are all having a great week ... see you again soon.


  1. Coffee and friends...or coffee and family...always a winning combination. Your layout is lovely. Time is sure flying and it is exhausting too. On Tuesday night I fell asleep in front of the TV at seven already. Must be getting old.

    1. Hey special lady ... Coffee & ??? is always a winning combination.

      I loved doing that layout and I am going to try it with other papers.

      I don't think the exhaustion has anything to do with age ... I think it has to do with the pressures of modern living.

  2. Awesome layout and the tablecloth is gorgeous.

  3. Thanks Sister, I had such a lot of fun doing it.

  4. Stunning table cloth and layout.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}