Thursday, 12 June 2014

An overwhelming rollercoaster ride!

I can't believe that my last post was 16 days ago!!!

Each evening when I get home from work I have every intention of working on a new post ... and like they say in the classics ... "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

So here I am at 04h30 in the morning ... My hunny left 20 minutes ago to go to the airport for an overnight trip to Durban ~ He has a host of tender meetings at Transnet (sending lots of positive energy his way for a really successful trip) and when he returns tomorrow evening I will be away and only return at the end of next week ... I am going to scrapbook for a whole week!

Here's a quick roundup ...

We are in our new offices at work and although I still do not love it I am getting used to it.  Here is my new desk ... by the time the rest of the office got in on our first Monday morning I was rather organised and ready to work ...
 And as I said in my last post ... my teddy made it onto the new desk and sits with a stationery caddy that my friend Susan gave me a hundred years ago.  It is great to have some bright and happy things on your desk ...

 In our new "green building" we do not have dustbins at our desks ... which is not a great problem for me as I have always recycled everything.  When we arrived at work on our first day we received a welcome bag of goodies and one of the items was this dustbin ... I use it for the staples that I take out of documents.

 My hunny serviced a bike for one of Schatzie's friends the other day ... it looked and sounded very sexy and Connor was absolutely drooling over it.  Now if I had to ride a bike this would be the kind of bike I would go for ... but of course it would have to be burnt orange!!
 My friend Nela sent me my birthday gift with another friend ... I love that my birthday lasts this long into the year ... I wore the scarf on the weekend and it is gorgeous.

Thursday 5 June : After a morning of interviews at Randridge Branch I was travelling out to Krugersdorp and for miles I could see this cloud of smoke ... I don't know what was burning but it must have been quite serious and it was very windy which was obviously fuelling the fire.

8 June 2014 : We celebrated Fathers Day early as I am going to be away this weekend which is officially Fathers Day.  Connor and Richard braved the icy cold and rode through to The Circus Cafe and we had a lovely, relaxed breakfast and then they rode back home.  I popped into Piatto and had coffee with Gordon and Noleen on my way home.

Well, I am off to shower and get ready for work (yippeeeeeee!!!!! the last day for a week) and hopefully will defrost while in the shower.  Wishing y'all a Terrific Thursday!!!


  1. Wishing you and Alison an awesome week of scrap therapy.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Thanks Desire ... I am sooo looking forward to some down time!

  2. You have been very busy...and change in office environment is huge. I am glad you are settling in. Enjoy your week of scrapping. I do hope that imwill get a bit of time to go into my very chaotic scrap studio and get creative too...I am getting all twitchy from withdrawal symptoms.

    1. I can understand the withdrawal symptoms ~ Hope you get some down time as well to get creative. Will share pages when I am back.

  3. So nice to "hear" from you again. Love to catch up with whats going on in your interesting life! Sending light & love. Jx

    1. Thanks special friend. I knew that you would be happy to see an update!!!