Thursday, 24 April 2014

Matric Ball ~ 24 April 2014

Connor agreed to partner my friend Marian's younger sister Andy to her Matric Ball tonight.  I left work at 12h00 and took Connor to have his hair cut then got him a new shirt and black tie.  Back home for a quick shower before we drove through to the west rand.  We stopped off at Clearwater Mall as we were a bit early and got Andy a snow globe (it is very clever as you can add your own photo to it) and a little casual bag.

When we got to Marian's house they were not yet back from having hair and make up done so Connor went about getting his tie tied ... When Marian and Andy arrived home Connor was dressed like this ...

Marian told me later that Andy had said to her "He is going to change isn't he?" 

 Andy's hair and make up looked amazing.
 My boy cleans up rather well!!!
 Lorenzo was excited to be taller than Connor for a change!!!
 A selfie with my boy.
 Andy looked like a princess.
The ball was held at Casalinga and the parents were invited to the dinner.  Andy's parents Steve and Linda looked magnificent in their finery.
 Marian's sister-in-law Esti was there to celebrate with us ... She is so short that Connor can lean on her shoulder ... I had to take this photo at a strange angle to get both of them in.
  On their way to the ball ... 
Have fun!!!!

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