Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Graduation ~ 23 April 2014

My friend Roz completed a Para Legal course and invited me to join her at her graduation ceremony which was held in the Great Hall at Wits.  I met her at 15h30 and we had coffee in the student area.  The invitation said that it was at 16h00 but when they got there earlier in the day they were told that it was actually at 18h00 ~ they just wanted all the students to be there on time.  I was happy to be there early and spend some time with Roz before the ceremony.

The ceremony took about 2 hours and after she handed back her robe and cap we drove to the Wimpy in Empire Road and had a light dinner and chatted.

I really enjoy spending time with Roz as she is a very wise lady and I always feel refreshed after spending time with her.

Well done on your graduation my soul sister!!!  I am very proud of you!!!

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