Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Cableway at Hartebeespoort ~ 12 January

I have been wanting to visit the Cableway at Hartebeespoort for the longest time.  The last time I went up there was many years ago with guys from work.  When we met Jenny on the 4th for lunch we were speaking about things we would love to do and I told her about wanting to do this and she suggested we do a birthday celebration there.  She leaves for Russia on the 21st to work at the Olympics so we decided on the 12th as the best day to meet.

The station at the bottom
We drove through and met Jenny and her partner Louisa at the bottom.  I was really surprised at how fancy it is as the last time I was there it was quite grotty.  We got our tickets and then took the very fancy car to the top ~ there was quite a long queue but it moved very fast and before we knew it we were ambling along the walkway to the pizza place at the top where we had a lovely lunch.  There were some para-gliders floating around in the air and many families having a good time at the restaurant.  We then made our way back to the station and took a car back down where we had cake and coffee at Bugatti's.  All in all a wonderful day.

Louisa and Jenny
The view of the dam

Free and Connor
We met this "rapper dude" at the pizza shop
Our pizzas ... Yum!!!
It was difficult to get a good picture of the paragliders
The station at the top

 Connor got such a fright as the car came out of the station on the way down and I caught it on camera.

My hunny looks so gorgeous in this photo.
YAY!!! Back on terra firma.


  1. What an awesome outing and such gorgeous photos to share with us.

  2. At this age the experiences are so much better than getting material 'things'.

  3. Wow Lynn I am sure I have commented on some of your posts before, but I dont see my comments, I am probably loosing it a bit. Lovely photos to scrap of a fun time.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}