Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

I love my birthday ... and it usually lasts for a really long time!!!  It started out on Monday 6th when my friend Linda thought we had a breakfast appointment on Tuesday and we ditched our Thursday breakfast which was in our diaries and met on Tuesday.  She spoiled me with a goodie bag full of treats ... cuppaccino sachets, mini marshmallows, a travel coffee mug and a gift voucher from Woolies for a pair of shoes.  

On Friday 10th January I had breakfast with my special friend Ian and his wife Col and they gave me a beautiful photo frame which I am going to use for photos of Taryn and TJ on their Wedding Day.

On 12th we did the CableWay with Jenny.

Today I woke up at my usual time but lay in bit a bit later than usual ... my first call was from my precious friend Leonie and after I chatted to her I got up and showered and then went to the gym with Connor followed by a french toast breakfast at Illy.  We popped past his school and then on to the powder coaters for Richard.  I had an appointment with the dentist next and fortunately only had to have a clean ~ I was convinced that I was going to come out after having a filling.  We popped past my work and gave the guys cupcakes ~ which I ordered from Megan who is 10 years old and is desperate to own a horse of her own and has started her small business ... aren't they too gorgeous?
Connor and I then visited Exclusive Books at Hyde Park Shopping Centre followed by lunch at JB Rivers. We managed to miss the traffic on the way home and when my hunny got home we drove through to Edenvale where Connor met a group of guys for some downhill longboarding.  We decided to find somewhere to eat at Greenstone mall and on the way we were chasing the sunset but I battled to get a good photo of it.

I took this photo of the logo on the water bottle.
 We decided to give Cappuccino a try and were disappointed in the service and the food however the company was EXCELLENT.

My gorgeous hunny
The birthday girl ... That's me!!!
We picked Connor up and found that he had come off his board and done quite a bit of damage to his shoulder, elbow, knee and hip but didn't mind that as he had had a fantastic time.

Now I am well and truly into my 50's!


  1. Happy birthday Lynn. So sorry I missed it. I also love birthdays and being made to feel special. My birthday is on Tuesday next week.

  2. Thanks Lynette. I had a lovely day.

  3. You sure had a wonderful birthday this year. Love those cupcakes. Hope she gets that horse soon.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}