Thursday, 16 January 2014

January Sisters Dinner

We decided to move our dinners to the second Thursday of every month as Connor and I like to go to gym on a Wednesday night.  This month we moved our dinner to the third Thursday as Wendy only arrived back from Texas late on the 13th.

I chose our local Chinese Restaurant, Foo Wah, for my birthday dinner.  I was rather disappointed at the service and the food was also not up to the standard that I have experienced from them in the very many years that we have been going there.  My sisters also ended up with sore tummies the next day.

When we were going to our cars we decided to take some photos ... Here they are in all their silliness ....
Not too sure what this was about!
 I took a couple of long arm shots of the 4 of us ... Wendy looks particularly pretty in them

 Wendy gave me a gorgeous tea-towel, a notebook, peppermints and two boxes of 1000 click 'n stick and I also got a gift from Taryn which was 4 click 'n stick and a grocery notepad ~ Thanks Tan!!!
 Wendy brought each of us this gorgeous plaque.
 Norma gave me a gorgeous card and a gift voucher for The Glen.
 Norma brought us each a scarf from her trip to Zanzibar for her 50th birthday along with marshmallows and a smartie bear.
Noleen had already given me my gift which was a gift voucher from The Glen along with another gift voucher from my Mom.  VERY spoiled I was!!!


  1. You are a bunch of pretty girls. It is times like these that I miss my four sisters.

    1. Every time I think about the possibility of moving away from Johannesburg I think of these three girls and cannot imagine being far away from them.

  2. So fun. Sorry about the food.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}