Monday, 16 December 2013

Scrap Addicts Christmas Scrap-a-thon

The Scrap Addicts plan this weekend a year in advance and it still feels like this year it crept up on me ... I wanted to be super organised for the weekend and ended up being disorganised but decided that that was not going to stop me from have a great weekend.

On Friday morning I started out the day by taking Connor to an early breakfast at Mugg & Bean and then had my hair cut (far too short this time) and while Connor had his hair cut I rushed up the road to the podiatrist to collect my inserts.  Back to The Glen to get some Christmas ornaments for our tables and then home to pack the car.  I met Linda for lunch at Jasmyn and then we drove through to the convent and I quickly set the tables which I think looked really pretty ... 
Leonie, Lynette and Linda's tables
Leonie got an old fashioned mug with a poinsetta
Lynette is a granny to girls so she got a bright pink ornament
Linda and I got silver ornaments
Don't know why I didn't take a close up of Ali's table ... she got a jug which I got specifically for her to use for her beaded flowers she bought in Cape Town.

This is the first time we have been at Good Shepherd in December and were shocked at the HUGE snails.

We had a wonderful Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday filled with laughter and fantastic pages.  We had all made packs for each of us and I managed to do all 4 packs.  With being disorganised I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to but got a lot done anyways.  I will share my pages in another post.

Here are some photos of my girls ...
 We each had to bring a new Christmas hat with us ...
Ali looks like she should be in Texas with this gorgeous hat!!!

Our favourite cat, who we named Blacks, rushed to see if we had brought him some food and hardly left our sides the whole weekend.  We even found him curled up on Leonie's bed one afternoon having a snooze.
 On Sunday night I went to bed at midnight after working for an hour and .... read the next post for the not so exciting end to my scrapbooking weekend!!!


  1. What a fun group! I'm glad you got to enjoy this. A whole weekend devoted to one's favorite hobby is special time, indeed.

    1. We are fortunate to be able to spend special time together doing what we love.

  2. You girls really know how to have fun.

    1. We've been practising for 15 years and most importantly we enjoy each others company.