Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday 9 December 2013

Monday morning ... 03h11 ... my cell phone rings and scares me awake ... Richard's voice on the other side "Were you awake?" ... Me "No, I just got to sleep" ... Richard "I am not feeling well, I am going to shower and go to the hospital" ... Me "OK! Let me know what they say".

I lie in bed for a few more minutes ... the worry gets me up and I brush my teeth and pack my clothes and creep downstairs to pack my scrapbooking stuff.  I then stand and contemplate how scared I am to go outside by myself but decide that I am quite brave so I open the door and walk towards the parking and see the security guard doing his rounds so I ask him if he can open for me so that I can bring my car up to the Convent to pack.  I manage everything by myself and then go upstairs and wake Linda so she can lock the door behind me.

I am shocked at how badly people drive at this time of the morning and as I am driving towards the highway on Malibongwe drive I see the most spectacular Sunrise which looks like it is coming right out the top of a building in Randburg ....
The traffic is still very quiet so I manage to get to the hospital by 06h35 and find these two gorgeous boys in Emergency where a really sweet male nurse is admitting Richard.  They are not 100% sure what is wrong but schedule him for a sonar a bit later.  We go with him to the ward and see that he is settled and they organised him some breakfast ~ which of course worries me because you are always Nil Per Mouth if you are going to have an operation.

Connor and I leave so I can unpack my car and I take him for breakfast at Mugg & Bean at Panorama while having my car washed  (killing 2 birds with 1 stone is something I LOVE to do!!!).  I popped past Wendy and Connor decides to stay there and have a nap.  I go back to the hospital and the doctor has been to see Richard and says that he will be going to theater between 3 and 4 so I stay.  Eventually just before 4 they come and sort him out and wheel him into theater at 4.  I go and have a quick cuppa coffee and then sit outside the operating theater ~ Connor comes back just before 20h00 and goes into the theater to find out what is happening with his Dad and gets told that he is in recovery. They eventually wheel him out of theater at 20h21 and wheel him into ICU ... which of course causes MAJOR panic only to find that they had made a mistake and they take him upstairs to the surgical ward.  Richard's friend Mitch popped in just as they were bringing him out of theater and dropped off a magazine and book.  I make sure he is settled and Connor and I go home to sleep.

What a Monday!!!

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