Monday, 16 December 2013

Avianto 1 December

The view from our room
In July my friend Sam asked me to join her at Avianto for a Christmas in July function and we won the grand prize in the quizz which was a picnic and sleep over on a Sunday and breakfast on Monday.  

We decided on 1 December and met up at Avianto at 12h30. Checked into our rooms then strolled down to the river where picnic blankets and pillows were already set up for us.  Our waiter, Abednego, delivered our picnic basket and gave us his cell number in case we needed anything. "

Petrus getting ready to eat
Sam savoring a chocolate cup filled with choc mousse
Petrus and Richard in an in depth motorbike discussion

This is the root structure of a HUGE tree which fell over

We decided to take some photos in the Lavender Field which was just outside our bedroom.

Here Petrus is doing a scene from a movie which Sam and I could not figure out!!!  He is one of the funniest people I have ever met

Every December I make cards for Sam's Mom ~ She has a group called the Hysterectomy Club which comprises of her sisters and a good friend who meet once a month for lunch and every December she gives them a special card.  I battled with getting an idea for the cards and on Sunday morning I woke up and read Lynette's blog and she had posted a page she had done and I printed it and rushed outside and showed Richard.  I quickly made one card to show Sam and packed the things I would need to make the rest of the cards.  After our picnic Sam & Petrus and Richard decided to have a nap and I sat at the desk and worked on the cards as I needed to give them to Sam on Monday morning to give to her Mom.  It was VERY hot so I left the front door open and saw this bridal couple having their photos taken ...

We decided to go to Steak at Silver Star Casino for dinner and had a wonderful evening with fantastic company and really great food.
Monday morning came around all too quickly and Richard and I had breakfast so he could leave for work and then I had a cuppa coffee with Sam and Petrus while they had breakfast and then I went off to Krugersdorp Branch to do hearing preparation.

All in all a WONDERFUL Sunday and Monday morning.

This was a beautiful insect which came to visit in our room ... it's wings were totally see-through.


  1. Magical setting. So glad I provided some inspiration.

    1. It is a seriously magical place. You provide me with a LOT of inspiration!!!