Monday, 16 December 2013

A day filled with friendship

I arranged to meet Marian at the Woolies Cafe @ Clearwater Mall at 10h00 on Saturday 14th December 2013.  I wanted to deliver her Christmas gifts before they go on holiday.

Liam slept over on Friday night so the two of them accompanied me.  We got to the mall a bit early so I said I would have coffee while they walked around.  As I sat down someone tapped me on my shoulder and asked me if I was Lynnette (now there are not too many people who know or call me by my full name) ... It was a couple that I used to go to church with 30 years ago when I lived in the christian centre ... It was interesting that they recognised me with my grey hair.  Two minutes later I hear someone say "I hope my Christmas present is in that box!!!" and here is my friend Samantha and her Mom.  I had coffee with them and when Marian arrived we ate with them and Sam's Mom very kindly paid for our lunch.  The boys arrived just after Sam and her Mom left and had something to eat and then they decided to go walk-a-bout again.  Just after they left Marian's Mom and sister arrived and we had something to drink with them.  The waitresses must have been thoroughly confused.  Marian and I had a lovely, albeit too short, catch up and then did a bit of shopping when she had to rush off home as Lorenzo was alone with the 3 children.  Connor, Liam and I did a bit of shopping and then came home.

We spent the evening quietly at home with Liam and Connor ensconced on his bed watching movies.

Marian absolutely adores Liam and every time she sees him she asks him if she can adopt him ... he always blushes and says "No" very kindly.

Marian sent me these photos taken on her I-Phone.

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