Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy Birthday Norma ~ Welcome to the 50's

Today, exactly 11 months and 2 days after my 50th birthday, Norma joined me in the 50's club.

Her friends had arranged a dinner for her on the 6th December which I was unable to attend as I was in Haartebeespoort but Richard and Mom attended the dinner.  Dean, who is her godson, arranged a breakfast for her at the Garden Court in 14th Avenue on her birthday and Mom and I spent the morning with her.

Mom and Norma
Norma (#3) Lynn (#2) Noleen (#1)
Gina & Norma
My niece Gina and her little boy Bradley arrived at the same time as us and when he got out of the car he had on his helmet ... Makes me wonder about Gina's driving!!!!  At first he was giving me very dirty looks until he settled down and then gave LOTS of smiles.  He absolutely loves his Grampa and Dean and when he sees them he gets very excited.  Here are some photos to share ...

 This is the view from the deck outside the dining room ...

"Cheers Aunty Norma"

 Dean, Marisa, Wesley and Paige were 45 minutes late for breakfast and when Dean got there Bradley was super excited. 
Paige and Wesley with Bradley
Gina trying on Norma's glasses
Marisa, Dean, Norma, Wesley, Paige
Marisa and Dean
Mother and Son
When I got home I took Connor through to spend time with Free and had coffee with Wendy when I dropped Liam at home.  Richard and I spent the afternoon quietly at home and after fetching Connor had dinner and watched TV and dozed on the couch.  A good way to spend a Sunday!

This is the spectacular Sunset we saw last night ...

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