Monday, 16 December 2013

Update on the Patient

On Tuesday morning I visited Richard before going to do an interview in Northgate and showed him this very sweet picture which Taryn had sent him late on Monday night ...
This was when I got to see the stones which they had removed with his gall bladder ... OMGoodness!!!! These are not stones these are ROCKS!!!!  That is my thumb next to the biggest of the stones ...
Noleen, Wendy, Graeme and the boys, Mom, Connor and I visited Richie on Tuesday night and the gentleman in the bed across from him was not feeling well.

On Wednesday I went to work early as usual and had to attend a planning session with all our branch managers which was followed by a braai.  Richard called me to say that the doctor had been and said he could go home so of course I rushed out of the office and when I got to the hospital they had discharged the one guy in the ward who had been in a motorcycle accident and they had just admitted a young guy into the bed across from Richard so my question "Oh! Did the discharge the other gentleman?" Richard's answer "No, he died last night".  OMWord!!! He certainly did not look that ill.  Just shows you how short life really is.

Today is a week since Richard's op and he says he feels like last night was hump night as he is feeling a lot better this morning.  Hopefully tonight will be a better night and we may get a full night's sleep.

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