Friday, 18 October 2013


This morning before I left for work I put together a strawberry smoothie for Connor to finish off when he woke up.  I got to the office at 06h30 and got straight to it ... worked on a whole host of things which have been bothering me and when Delphine got in and we went to get coffee it felt as if I had been in the office the whole day.  I left the office at 11 for a meeting in Clearwater which went really well.  I was thinking of popping past the gym on my way home but realised that I had no water or towel with me.  When I got home we decided to have pizzas for dinner ~ On our way to Comaro Crossing we witnessed this spectacular Sunset ... 
 After dinner I worked on my current scrapbooking project and when Richard said he was going to bed I jumped up and followed him ... a Frenetic Free Friday is my favourite way to end the week!!!

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