Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pick 'n Pay Women's Walk ~ 19 October

We (Alison, Linda, Leonie and me) signed up for the walk.  I then found out that Byron was also doing the walk so I got a ticket for Connor.  Yesterday Alison told me that Leonie could unfortunately not make it today.
A really yummy guy took this photo for us near the finish line!
This morning dawned a bit chilly and overcast so I said a little prayer that the rain would stay away until after the walk.  Linda picked us up at 07h30 and we drove through to Soccer City and Ali met us there.  We were all decked out in our pink t-shirts.  They were super organised ... you could get your hair sprayed, there were girls with sun screen (brilliant idea), you could buy your morning shot of coffee, there was a mobile breast unit, and more.   

Connor found Byron and off they went and us girls stuck together and started the walk just after 9.  The route was amazing and we finished in an hour ...  not bad!!!  We got a lovely goodie bag and a medal at the end of the walk.  It felt good to be out in the fresh air with good friends and exercising at the same time. (Exercise)
On our way home we popped in at Rifle Range Garden Centre to have a toasted sandwich at Rona's which was really pleasant.  On our way out Connor bought Wendy a wooden box as a photography prop ... she has been looking for this kind of box for a while and it was priced well.  We decided to pop over to her to drop it off and she was very excited ... Good one Connor!!!!  Liam came home with us and will spend the evening and I will drop him off at home after gym in the morning.

After the walk I saw this precious little person and asked if I could take a photo of him ... he obliged with the cutest little smile.
I found my boy and here we are with our medals ... GO US!!!!

Kayla and Byron

Well done Pick 'n Pay!!!!

I didn't see Connor go over the finish line so decided to take this photo while we were walking to the car.
This handsome young man was advertising another run/walk next weekend in Soweto ... we are scrapbooking so will have to miss it.
I am now going to my scrap desk to get in some work on The Project!!!
Hope your Saturday has been Super Awesome!!!


  1. Awesome photos. Well done to you all. You all looked so fresh at the end. Are you talking abour Rona Coffee shop on Alberton?
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Well done on the walk - I think I may join you in the Avon one.

    I'm wild about my box and Graeme bought me one of the long planter ones yesterday that I'm going to seal and then plant some herbs in and in the back courtyard between the house and garage.

    Keep going sista

    1. Connor was THRILLED at your reaction to the box.

      So glad Graeme got you one of the others ... Can't wait to see your herb garden flourish.