Thursday, 17 October 2013

Last day of school ~ 17 October 2013

Today marks the last day of school for Connor ... the matric year is essentially over.  I wanted to attend the ceremony at school today but there was a bit of confusion regarding the time and it clashed with an area manco meeting I needed to attend.  I did however send my camera with Connor to school today and he took a lot of photos ... here are three that are important to me ...
"Gladling" ... as posted on Facebook by this gorgeous young lady!!!
Each matriculant rings the bell ... I guess this symbolises the end of 12 years of education.

 After the manco meeting I attend my friend Marina's Father-in-law's funeral ... It was held at the NG Church in Weltevreden Park.  The service was absolutely beautiful ~ the pastor was Gerrie Minnaar's golf partner and it was wonderful to hear a service done by a pastor who actually knew the deceased ... so often today you hear a pastor speak about someone who he never even met. 
Connor and I went to gym and I got quite a bit done and feel great as a result.  I also got some scrapbooking in ... A productive day!


  1. I still see that little boy in the shell sandpit with Courteney and his 'cricket finger' in the air. Time has flown by so quickly - its just insane!

    1. Thinking of that cute photo makes me want to cry. The past 12 years has passed in a blur!