Saturday, 5 October 2013

Rage & Hobby-X

This morning I was up early as the boys wanted to get to Rage, which was held at the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate, early.  Showered, got my hunny up and then got the boys up (thankfully they showered last night).  When I went into Connor's room to wake the boys, this is what I saw ...
I was sure I would find one of them on the floor but poor little Liam ended up as the ham in the sandwich and they were all still on the bed each under their own separate blanket.  They all seemed to have had a reasonable night's sleep.

We drove through to Northgate, dropped the boys at the Dome then my hunny and I had coffee at Mugg & Bean and waited for the camera shop to open ... I have misplaced the charger for my camera battery so we had to get a new one.  At the same time I had the picture of my layout printed (and added it to the pack when we got home) and also the enlargement for my layout (which I added to the page when we got home).  Now I can put a HUGE tick next to this item on my 'To Do' List.  While waiting for the photo to be printed we walked around the centre and got my hunny a new pair of shoes and a new backpack for his motorbike trips.
We were supposed to meet our friends Mitch and Michelle at Hobby X @ Gallagher Estate in Midrand at 11 but at 11h30 Mitch called to say that they had been delayed by his Mom and they were only leaving to come through then ... at that stage we were already nearly finished looking at all the stalls ... I was really disappointed and felt like we had wasted our money.  I never bought a single thing!!!  So this quote on the empty shopping bag is definitely not true for me today ... 
The boys asked to be fetched at 4pm so after stopping off for some lunch at Nando's in Strijdom Park we came home and I worked on 2 notebooks for birthday gifts.
Front cover
Inside the front cover
We stopped in at Wendy for a cuppa coffee when we dropped Jarod off and I took this photo of the boys who all said they had had the best time at Rage ...
Byron, Jarod, Liam, Connor


Liam won a pair of headphones, valued at R700 at one of the stalls where he went up against two grown guys in a quiz about information on a Telkom flyer.

After dropping Byron at home we came home to a lovely dinner of steak, mash and veggies which Mom had prepared for us.  I spent a bit more time at my scrap table making little gift tags and a birthday card for later this month and now I am going to work through some more paper and finalise the September budget ~ Flylady's habit for October is Getting Paper Clutter under Control  and although I don't have a lot there is always those pieces of paper that grow attachments when they are left alone for a little while.
I just got off the phone with 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World'.  It was so wonderful to chat to her for a little bit.  I love this child to the moon and back a million times!!! and miss her like crazy.
I hope you have all had a wonderful Saturday.  Sleep tight!!!


  1. Gorgeous note books. Sorry you wasted your time at HobbyX.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Love the pic of the three guys in the bed. Liam is so thrilled about his headphones - awesome that he outshone two guys much older than himself.