Saturday, 5 October 2013

OMGoodness!!!! It's Friday!!!

I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown by!!!

Well, what have I been up to?

Wednesday 2 October ... I decided that I would go back to Weigh-Less today ... I have been paying for two years and haven't been to a class and I resolved that I am not going to be held hostage by this horrible thing called menopause and use it as a convenient excuse for having put on all the weight I lost!!!  I was shocked when I got on the scale ... NO!!!! I am not going to tell you the number!!!
I then popped into The Glen to get some new coasters ... I was really irritated by the coasters in the study so I replaced the ones on the patio and in the lounge and put three of the patio coasters into the study ... they are very pretty and I got to throw away the ugly old ones.
Wendy came past for a visit and when she was leaving we saw this gorgeous glow on my hunny and the bike he was working on ... Yes! I think he is an angel!!!

Thursday 3 October ... Got up early and took the boys to school ... This gave my hunny extra time to finish up with the XR he was repairing.  Came home and sorted out some papers, collected a parcel at Rosettenville Post Office then off the Glenvista Shopping Centre where I purchased padded envelopes and posted overseas birthday and Christmas gifts and even a January birthday gift.  I had coffee with my best friend from school Terry and then popped over to Sandton to have coffee with Ali before she goes on holiday for 10 days.
Byron came home with Connor as they wanted to go to The Glen so I picked them up and I went to Crafters to exchange a set of coasters I bought (I got an Afrikaans set!!!) and when we were finished ... Connor bought himself a long skate board which he has been wanting for the past year.  We then popped past Wendy for a cuppa coffee and so I could give her the gift of English coasters!!! LOL!!!! Dropped Byron off at home and straight home for dinner ... spent a quiet evening in front of the TV. 
 Silly Connor tried on these sunglasses ... so not him!!!
This was the only semi-decent photo we could get of the setting sun ... it became more majestic as we drove home but we couldn't find a perfect spot to take another picture.
Friday 4 October ... Happy Birthday Salma!!!
We took the boys to school, came home and had a cuppa tea and then back out to Scrap-a-doodles in Irene.  I had fun choosing papers and flowers for our Scrap Pack challenge for our December Scrap-a-thon.  Next stop was the powder coaters to collect foot rests. 
My hunny!!!
The boys normally finish school at 12h30 on a Friday so we popped into Tulip Garden Centre (used to be LeeWays) for a cuppa coffee.  Connor called a few minutes later to say they were finished with school so I popped up the road and fetched him and Byron and brought them back to the coffee shop for lunch. 
Joshua and his Mom Felicia.
We had a lovely lunch and then rushed home so Connor could go out on his skate board.  Byron's Mom popped past to drop off his bag as he is sleeping over and then we went to fetch Liam who is also sleeping over.  While I was at Wendy I took some photos of Joshua ... he has grown so much since I first posted a picture of him.
 Back home for dinner and then I sat down at my scrap table to create my page ... oh what fun I had!!!!  I will share the photos with you as I know that only Ali from the Scrap Addicts reads my blog so she will be the only one who will see my pages early

 I still need to add a large photo on the right hand page and print a copy of the page for the girls to copy ... I will do that tomorrow and then finish off the layout.  I am really happy with the end result. 

Here is the departure point ...


 So this is one item on my October Actions list that I can tick off.

Hope you all had a stress free Friday and that you have something special planned just for yourself this weekend.  Sleep tight!!!! 

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