Sunday, 20 October 2013

Happy Birthday Byron!!!

This morning I was up early and worked on e-mails and caught up on Facebook before waking Connor and Liam and going to the gym for an hour ... after walking for 15 minutes, 60 back extensions, 40 abdominal crunches, 2 leg machines and 10 minutes on the bicycle we dropped Liam at home and had a quick cuppa coffee with Wendy.  We rushed home as Richard had said that he needed to go to Spaar on Spares to change a part for my car service but when we got home he said he had already done it so I took Connor for a croissant at Fego ... I had breakfast early this morning so I indulged in a Café Latte.
After a lovely soak in the tub we got ready and went through to Byron for afternoon tea to celebrate his 19th birthday ... Birthdays are special and I had a lovely afternoon.  I left Connor there when I came home to scrapbook.

Byron's Mom was VERY clever and used the 18 candle from his last birthday and added an extra one!!
18 + 1 ... Best buds always know what the other one is thinking!!!
Kayla and Byron
Before dinner we popped out to fetch him and after dinner I got straight back to my scrapbook table. I have completed 15 pages and have laid out the next 2 to do tomorrow ... I am a bit tired so didn't want to start something which I could mess up. 
I hope your Sunday has been particularly Stunning and that you are ready for the week ahead. 


  1. Well done on all you've achieved. I hope Byron's day was great. I'm ready for my week!

  2. I think Byron had a stunning day and was of course blown away with the long board his parents got for him.