Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Actions for October

This is what my little sister Wendy said on her blog yesterday as she welcomed October ...
I've decided to make this more of a commitment and use the word Actions instead of intentions.
So here come my 10 Actions for October - want to join me in setting some Actions for yourself.

This resonated with me as yesterday while sitting in front of the computer I made a list (I call it a brain dump) of the things I need to get done ... So here is my list:
  1. Plan December kit for Christmas Scrap-a-thon ~ Seen the page I want to use as my departure point, now I need to find paper/embellishments
  2. Go back to Weigh Less ... Been paying the subscription and not going
  3. Start walking ... need to get some movement into my life again
  4. Deliver shelves to Marian
  5. Check and move albums to scrapbook room
  6. Lonwabo's albums ~ Need to get started on these today
  7. Christmas gift/card list ~ Have started this and even bought one gift so far
  8. As per Flylady's challenge for the month ~ Sort out paper clutter (which includes the 'Read' files on both my home and work computer
  9. Dentist / Gynae / Homoeopath appointments
  10. October Birthdays ~ Buy gifts / Wrap / Wish & Deliver
    * Aunty Ria ~ Dropped off while visiting last week
    * Salma ~ Got gift ... wrap and make card
    * Richard
    * Saras
    * Linda Wood ~ Got gift ... wrap and make card
    * Nicholas
    * Courteney
    * Mary
  11. Update contacts on cell phone
Well, this list looks 'accomplishable' so I will wish you all an Active October!!!  I'm off to start on my list!


  1. Awesome list. Just say if you need help with those papers and embellishments.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Hi there,
    Glad to have helped inspire you.
    Please let me know when you intend taking the shelves through to Marian.
    I enjoyed your holiday blog posts - I really wish that we could have holidayed for a little longer - but I think Schatz would have gone a bit 'bos' without his bike.
    Congrats on going back to Weigh Less.
    Love ya

  3. I will get my to-do list going as soon as we get back from holiday, or else Christmas will be upon me and I will be unprepared.