Monday, 21 October 2013

Oh yes ... It is Monday!!!

This morning I decided I was going to work from home as I took on the job of typing minutes from a complicated hearing (what was I thinking???).

To get the day started off right I came to the gym - arrived at 05h58 (time check on my cell phone!) and did 20 minutes on the treadmill, 60 back extensions, 60 crunches, 300m rowing and finished off with 15 minutes on the bicycle.

I  got home feeling energised and got straight down to typing ... after 10 hours and being only half way I feel anything but energised!!!

I am sitting at the gym at 19h30 typing this post while Connor exercises with his cousins.

November 9th :)The highlight of my day was a call from my niece Taryn.  Wish I could get on a plane and fly over there and give her the HUGEST hug in the world.  I  miss her like crazy ... don't know how Wendy manages!!!  She phoned to confirm to us that her and TJ are getting married on 9 November ... They are getting married in court and will then come to South Africa to have a ceremony with the family.

I am going to drop the boys off after gym and go straight home to bed ... it is really chilly with the rain and it is real bed weather!

Hope your Monday has been magnificent!!!


  1. So sorry I haven't been around much. It is always daunting to catch up on blog reading after time away. I don't know how Wendy does it either. I need all my chicks close to me at all times.

    1. Welcome back!!!! Glad you had a good rest.

      I don't know how Wendy manages ~ She is very brave! She wants her kids to be somewhere where they can flourish and where BEE is not an issue.