Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Joshua on a Tuesday afternoon!

Today I started out the day at Northgate Branch.  I attended the branch meeting then popped out to attend the church service for Gail Cronk's (Manager at Clearwater Branch) Mom.  I went back to Northgate and finished up the issues we needed to discuss.
On the way home I popped past Wendy's house as I needed to drop off something with her and at the same time I put in a Justine order which included 2 Christmas gifts.

Joshua was sleeping when I got there and before I left he had woken up in the cutest of moods ... I could unfortunately not get a photo of him laughing but this shows how he has grown ...
I have just finished sorting out e-mails, paid a bill for my hunny ~ even before he asks me to do it, and now I am going to spend time at my scrapbook table.

Hope your Tuesday has treated you terrifically!!!!

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  1. Little Josh is growing fast. Enjoy your scrap therapy.