Tuesday, 8 October 2013

And so my leave comes to an end ...

7 October ... Today I was up early (practise run for work tomorrow) and my first stop was the garage for petrol, then the licensing department ~ it took me all of 5 minutes to renew 3 licenses.  I picked Connor up and we went to Glenvista where he had a breakfast while I went to the post office and to the stationery shop to laminate a picture for Marian and while I was drinking my coffee he popped downstairs to the gym to see if we needed to complete forms to join ... we didn't have time to see the consultant then and said we would come back later.  We popped past Wendy to collect a disk for Marian and then drove through to visit her.  When we arrived she had just popped some cheese muffins into the oven and put the coffee maker on ... We had a wonderful visit (2 hours is just not enough time for us ... we only touched the tip of the iceberg) and all to soon it was time to leave.
Precious little Lua fast asleep on Grace's back
Marian guiding Connor ... He got to watch an Arctic Monkeys concert which she had taped ... he was in music heaven!!
 Miss Lua is growing so quickly and smiling so sweetly.  I got to feed her a bottle of tea and cuddle with her ...

My October Actions # 9 was to go to the Gynae ... I managed to find a lady gynae at the Mulbarton Hospital and paid her a visit ... she is a lovely lady and gave me a clean bill of health.  Got to make an appointment for a mammogram and bone density test and then also have a blood test.  So that is one of the most hated appointments off the list.  We then went back past the gym and signed up.  We visited The Glen ... Mr Price to get some gym gear / Dischem to get some meds / PNA for Richard's birthday gift ... One more gift to get then I am done with October birthdays!  After watching a bit of TV we had an early night.
8 October ... Up early (not really early as 5 is my usual rising time) and out the door at 06h04.  Got to the office and was pleasantly surprised to see that I only had 453 e-mails in my in-box.  Polished my desk ... a ritual at the beginning of each month ... and got stuck into the mails.  Eddie had driven into the parking lot behind me so when he got upstairs and sorted we went and got a cuppa coffee downstairs and did some catching up.  Delphine and I left the office at 12 and dropped her car at her house which is close to Connor's school ... picked up the boys who had just finished writing an exam and dropped them at Key West Shopping Centre and we went through to my Krugersdorp CBD Branch to check on the staff who had been through a traumatic experience yesterday ~ Thankfully they are all doing rather well considering.  We picked the boys up on the way out and had a rather pleasant trip home.  It was report night and as the school was on our way home we stopped and picked it up ... He passed the school year ~ now we just have to wait for the final exams and what that will bring.
One of the things Connor has wanted for a while is a tank top ... so we got one yesterday ... this is him modelling it for his BEFORE GYM photo ...

And we will take photos as he goes along with gym and eventually we will do a BEFORE and AFTER post.
I am now finished with all my home admin so I am going to lay out my clothes for tomorrow and spend some time with my hubby before bed.
Hope your Tuesday has been Terrific ... sleep tight!!!!

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  1. So what about a before and after for yourself. Although your before is just perfect.
    Everything of the best getting back to work.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}