Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday Highlights

The highlights of my Wednesday ...

Walking out my front door this morning and being greeted by this gorgeous rose which is an early morning "Hello" from my precious friend Natalie who now lives in New Zealand (I miss her like crazeeeee!!!!).

A really great cuppa coffee from our in-house restaurant!!!  I was a bit worried as one of the trainees made it and the other ladies know how fussy I am but this young lady did a great job.

Finished up with my October birthday shopping.  They are all wrapped and ready to go!!!  Another item off the October Actions.
Bought another Christmas gift!

Went to the gym for our assessment ... nope I am not sharing the numbers!!! LOL!!!  Connor had dinner at Wendy's house and then went to the gym with his cousins.  He says he had a stunning time and cannot wait until we go on Friday.

Sisters Dinner ... we met at Casa Rossi and  although the atmosphere and service at the restaurant has changed for the worse (new manager) the food was good and we had an evening filled with stories only sisters can tell which resulted in lots of laughter.
Wendy and Noleen

Lynn and Norma

I got my sisters a little something ...

Noleen and Norma got liquorice

Because Wendy (and me) is trying to trim down I decided to give her the 'healthier option' ~Weighless Spicy Tomato chips and Slim Slabs (my favourites because they have coconut in them!!!).

Hope your Wednesday was just as Wonderful as you are!!!

I got to take photos of Wendy for her blog ~ She looked super cute in her denimn outfit ~ Her supporting models are Lucky the Maine Coon and Liam Joshua Loubser.  Here are some of them...


  1. Well done on ticking the items off your Action list - you're slicing through them like a hot knife through butter.

    Please could you send me the pictures you took for my blog? and thanks for taking them. I didn't get a chance to ask Jarod as he was napping.

    Thanks for my 'healthy' treat - much appreciated.

    1. The satisfaction of ticking the items off a list which you have published feels sooooooooooooooooooooo good ... and it does make you focus more on getting the things done.

      Photos sent ... took a bit long because of the number of photos I was sending through.

      Pleasure ... enjoy the healthy treat!!!