Tuesday, 1 October 2013

And now it's time to go home ... and back to school!!!

Monday 30 September ... Up rather early this morning and packed the cases, had a shower and then into the village for breakfast ... The boys decided on Vovo Telo again as they really wanted another Chocotelo.  Richard had broken a glass this morning so after having a cuppa tea with us he left to buy a glass and take it back to the flat.  We had a light breakfast and then it was in the car and on the highway.  We stopped at Harrismith for lunch and the boys voted for Nando's.  The rest of the trip was really good.

After dinner we watched some TV and were in bed before nine thirty only to be woken at 03h35 when the house alarm went off ... thankfully all was OK but then I battled to fall asleep again.
Tuesday 1 October ... Richard got up and took Connor to school and I showered and caught up with home e-mails before doing the grocery shopping.  I popped past Wendy before fetching Connor and Byron from school.  When we stopped in front of Byron's house he remembered that he had forgotten his house keys at home so I brought him home with us.  He wasn't feeling well and after having something to eat he laid down on Connor's bed and fell fast asleep ...   
I had a whole host of things on my "To Do" list for today which I haven't gotten done but I am now going to watch Junior Master Chef and see if I can accomplish a few of the things on the list ... Hope you have all had a Terrific Tuesday!!!!  Sleep tight y'all!!!!

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