Monday, 2 September 2013

Weekend Roundup

Last week is a blur ... I do remember working in the office on Thursday and Friday but Wednesday is a mystery ... although I did take this photo of the sunrise so I logged onto my laptop and found that I actually had a marvellous week ...
Monday started as usual with me at my desk at 06h30 ~ thankfully Connor was not writing an exam so I could leave home and get to the office before I had to attend a session in our auditorium.  I spent the rest of the day in Sandown at a meeting and then battled the traffic home at 16h30. 
Tuesday ~ I had an appointment with the branch manager at Benmore Gardens to do preparation for a hearing.  I got there early as usual and went to the coffee shop next door to the branch and enjoyed wonderful coffee and some French toast.  I then met my precious friend Roz for lunch at Rocket in Rivonia ... we had an absolutely divine chicken salad followed by a decadent hot chocolate ... the waiter brought a glass mug with 3 flake's in it and a jug of hot milk which you then pour over the chocolate ~ Never had something like that before ~ It was YUMMY!!!! 
Wednesday ~ I met my friend Niven (he used to work in the bank) for breakfast at Tasha's in Rivonia ... he now works at U-Bank in Sunninghill so this was very central (well it would have been had I any appointments at my Sandton Branches!!!!).  I got there at 06h30 and they were open so I logged onto my laptop and had a really welcome cuppa coffee and Niven joined me at 7.  We had a wonderful hour catching up with each other ~ This is the first time this year that we managed to co-ordinate our diaries.  I then went through to Westgate to do interviews.
Saturday was our monthly Scrap Addicts get-together and this month our friend Tanya Singleton hosted us at her beautiful home in Eldoraigne.  I started the day REALLY early ... I was up at 5 and switched on the oven, jumped in the shower and got ready then baked some cheese muffins.  I was clever and laid out the ingredients the night before ...

And the first batch is in the oven. 

Ali, Linda and Tanya

Leonie and Lynette

Tanya has taken up cake baking and these gorgeous little Hello Kitty's were for cupcakes that had been ordered for a party.  These amazing bees were for an emergency order for a 1 year old birthday party ... she is incredibly talented.
We had a wonderfully relaxed day filled with creativity, great food and as usual amazing company.
Sunday morning was grocery shopping and when I got home I had a massive headache so I spent the rest of the day languishing on the couch and all too soon it was time to go to bed ... that was of course after I had enjoyed Strictly Come Dancing and Downton Abbey.


  1. Another awesome week and weekend. Those cheese muffins look divine.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. I quite honestly could never live in Joburg. 2 days there were more than enough for me.