Monday, 26 August 2013

Weekend Round~Up

SATURDAY 24 AUGUST ~ Connor and I went through to Sandton City ... My branch there is being revamped and I asked the Branch Manager if I could buy some metal shelves so we went to collect them.  After loading them in my car I took Connor to Walnut Grove for breakfast ~ Some history on Walnut Grove ... Long before Connor was born, Richard and I used to go and visit my father-in-law at his office in Sandton Towers on some Saturday mornings and then go to Walnut Grove for breakfast (of course budget permitting) and it was such a wonderful treat as the service was amazing and the food just as good ... so it felt really special spending time with Connor there and the service was just as good as I remembered it and the food was wonderful.
I loved this very fancy chair they have in the restaurant.
My breakfast of yummy French toast

Connor and Byron had asked the Manager at Cassa Rossi if he had a job for them and he said they should come back at 12h00 for an interview so we rushed home and I took him through to the restaurant and they were told to be back at 17h00 to be runners.  I then rushed back home to see our tax guy ~ while chatting to him he invited us to watch an Ice Hockey game he was refereeing on Sunday at Festival Mall ... We had never been to a game before so decided to take him up on his offer.
After dropping Connor off at Cassa Rossi, Richard and I attended the Rheinicke children's nursery school concert at the Weltevreden Chapel.  Although it is only August this was their Christmas concert.  I can just imagine the hours and hours of practice and planning that went into this.  After the concert we had dinner at McDonalds and then went home and watched TV until Connor got home after 10.  He said that he had a good evening and the guys at the restaurant were happy with their work.  They will now call the restaurant around lunch time on a Friday to find out if they have work for them on the weekend ... I would be very happy if they could have a regular job but at least it is a start.
SUNDAY 25 August ~ Richard has been working on a motorbike for a couple of weeks now and eventually all the parts arrived and he managed to get it finished and ready for delivery on Sunday morning so Connor and I drove through to Centurion with him and dropped the bike off with a VERY happy customer ~ he called a little later and asked if Richard could hear his smile!!!  Richard is super talented and I am not surprised that this customer was so happy. We had breakfast at Wimpy at the Highveld One Stop on the way back ~ Unfortunately our waitress was rather rude but the food was good so that made up for it and of course the company was amazing.

Before we knew it it was time to drive through to Festival Mall ...

We were surprised at how much we enjoyed the game ... It seems like the most important thing in the match is how many times you can slam one of your opponents against the wall.

All in all a great weekend.


  1. Ice hockey is a very violent game, but a nice fast sport to watch. A nice busy weekend as always.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. A lovely full weekend. Yummy French toast.