Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spring has sprung!

As usual, along with Spring came some very cold weather.  Yesterday I spent the morning in the office and then Sam and I met Eddie, my area manager, in Sandton and we went through to Alexandra ~ We visited our branch in the Boxer store (what an education!!!) and then the Pick 'n Pay and our Branch in the Mall in Alex ~ This was my second visit to the mall and I am amazed at how busy it is and how beautiful the shops are.  I am amazed at the filth in Alex and also the lack of any road rules ... traffic lights and stop streets really are just suggestions which no one takes any notice of!!  Thankfully Eddie is very calm and got us in and out safely.  I took my camera with this time but the goats were missing in action.  Last night I wanted to spend some time at my scrap table but instead cuddled with my hunny in front of the TV watching Flashpoint ... I am devastated that this is the last season.  I REALLY love this programme.

Today I visited my Krugersdorp and Krugersdorp CBD Branches.  I attended the morning meeting in Krugersdorp and then had a long discussion with a staff member and then went through to Krugersdorp CBD and checked up on the staff there.  Days like this are very rewarding but also extremely exhausting.  I then fetched Connor from school ... his exam ended at 4 and he and I were both exhausted.  I was shocked to see when last I updated my blog so I have done that (another item ticked off the to-do list) and now I am going to log onto my laptop and action some of the e-mails that came in during the day.

I have been looking for signs of Spring and today saw these beautiful bushes along Ontdekkers road.
So I hope you have all had a Terrific Tuesday and have a good night's rest.


  1. A beautiful cherry blossom shrub. Your Alex trips always sound very interesting and probably an eye opener too.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Yay to spring. I am so over the winter.

  3. Navigating townships is no easy task - we've done it on the bike and that me wanting jump off regularly. Seems that there are two sets of rules in our dear country.

    I have no trees that bloom in my garden and the neighbours one is too far away - but besides their one I haven't seen many blooms - must go check out our Pride of India.