Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sunrise, Birthdays and a trip to the Airport for dinner

It's been a busy couple of days ...

Thursday 19 September ... Today was my Mom and my friend Michelle's birthdays.  It was also 'Friday' for me as I go on leave this afternoon for 2 weeks!!!  Yippee!!!!
I caught the sunrise in my rearview mirror on my way to the office.

I spent the day in the office working my tail off trying to get everything up to date.  On my way home I saw this bakkie and had to take a photo of it to show Richard ... I just found it funny that it is part of the Hot Rod Racing at Wembley and ye it is in such bad need of attention.

Noleen invited Mom out for a Birthday Dinner so Connor and I went to the airport to meet Richard on his return from a day in Durban.  We did some clothes shopping for Connor at Markham ... t-shirts, belt and seriously cool sunglasses.  We had a cuppa coffee at Fournos while waiting to for Richard.
We decided on The Keg & Aviator for dinner.

 My gorgeous boys!!!
 I loved this picture and the writing they have on this blackboard ... really hard work.

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